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Jump 'n Bump was originally released (for free!) by Brainchild Design in 1998 for MS-DOS.  It supported 4 players and was about bunnies crushing each other to death to get the highest score!

With this re-release (again, for free!) by Domarius Games, you can now play it on modern computers!

  • Available for Windows, Linux, or MacOS
  • 2 to 8  (yes EIGHT) players local multiplayer!
  • Use whatever is available - 2 people on keyboard, 1 on the mouse, or ANY number of gamepads - if you have 8 gamepads, use them! 1 bunny per gamepad!
  • Gamepads can toggle a "split" mode that allows 2 players per gamepad!
  • Easily mod the level to make your own!
  • Kid-friendly "no gore" mode makes the bunnies explode into lollies and confetti! See the "1README.TXT" for details.

Please consider donating! I have a donate button on the website too.

LICENSING: Someone previously reported this game for not including the source to the original. Actually, my version of the game was built completely from the ground up in the Godot game engine, without using the original source code at all. And Andreas Brynervall, one of the original creators, has confirmed that they are ok with my free remaster. You can ask him! Or I can provide a copy of the email on request.


If you like Jump 'n Bump, check out "HopSquash!", which has heaps of new levels and graphical themes, multiple characters and colours to customise your animal with, and a built in level editor, with full gamepad support!

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorDomarius Games
Tags2D, deathmatch, DOS, Fast-Paced, Local multiplayer, party-game, Pixel Art, Retro
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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jump-n-bump-remastered-windows.zip 7 MB
Version 10
jump-n-bump-remastered-linux.zip 12 MB
Version 9
jump-n-bump-remastered-osx.zip 21 MB
Version 8

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I am unable to run the game properly as there are no options in settings.conf for a windowed mode or resolution setting. I think a windowed mode option can be a good way for me to be able to play it

(I have a 16:10 aspect ratio monitor so full screen ends up having parts of the screen chopped off the sides)

Ah I didn't know about this.  For 16:10 it should have black bars on the top and bottom, not zoom in and crop the edges. I'll see what I can do when work clears up, but I will add this to the list.

Thanks for making this remaster of one of my childhood memories! A question though; when I start the game the resolution is off. It's like the top and bottom of the screen is cut off and doesn't fit the screen properly. Is there an option to either fix this or to play in windowed mode?

Happy to help, can you send a photo of this? I believe you can paste it right here in the comments.   Be sure to include the entire monitor in the view so I can see what kind of TV/monitor you have and what's going on.

Actually I think this has to do with the Godot engine not handling that thing where you can set the desktop font scaling to be larger to help with reading or compensate for the fonts being tiny on 4k displays.    Do you have this setting?

Also what operating system are you using?

Sorry for not getting back to you. I am on Windows 11. I am attaching a screenshot of what the start screen looks like for me. AS you can see, it cuts off the top and bottom of the screen.

Coincidentally, someone this week posted a fix for exactly that problem on the HopSquash Steam forums!



Quite the good timing then! :D Their fix worked for me, at least for running the game in windowed mode. Thanks!

Hi Domarius, I been meaning to show you this game I made. I bought your other game hop squash. Big fan of jump bump. Sorry to post here but thought you may find it interesting. I been trying to replicate a style like jump bump I think it is a great concept in multiplayer 




Hahah, good work man! Nice use of Unity's physics engine so you can kick the guts around afterwards XD looks like it's you against an AI bunny? Or have you got remote multiplayer working?

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Yeah it's been a demo I worked on a few times. It's not ai. Just using asdw and arrow keys. My next goal was to create a unity server instead of just local.  I had it split screen at one point.  One goal I did have was to use 2d liquid blood with physics. It's a little tougher then expected but thought would be way more dramatic lol. This idea with networking sounds bad but sure it's possible now days

Sure :) let me know how you go with networking in Unity, haven't looked into it much yet.

Hi man,

Just was working on unity. Managed to get networking to work at least with player controls and animation. The kill trigger side of it is a little complex. I find it hard to think of how to identify the other player in coding C# but yeah unity is awesome to me lol.



It is certainly awesome, if beginners can do networking, it's both powerful and easy to use!

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Is there a way to limit FPS from the settings.conf file? Having 3000+ FPS means the game is sped up real bad, making it unplayable. I don't know if the issue is particularly in the game code itself or if 144hz monitor is doing this.

Wow - I thought I locked it at 60fps. What operating system are you running?

Win 10 Home 64bit

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Lordy, that is bizzare. My partner has a Win 10 Pro 64 bit machine, and I have had no problems with the frame rate. I can't think why the monitor would do it.  Hmm there is sometimes a video driver setting that says "Let the application control the frame rate" which you can turn off, have you disabled that by any chance?  Can you take a video of this behaviour with your mobile phone and then upload to YouTube as unlisted and send me the URL so I can see this in action? Also what's your video card and CPU?

Righto, the problem might be with the refresh rate of the monitor itself. I tested out with setting down the monitor Hz values, messing around with Nvidia Control Panel settings and here's what I found out:
- G-sync on, V-sync off, Letting the application control the frame rate = 2000-3000+ FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync off, Letting the application control the frame rate = 2000-3000+ FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync on, Letting the application control the frame rate = ~144FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync on, Letting the application control the frame rate, changed monitor Hz down to 60 = ~60FPS

Video card = GTX 1070Ti, CPU = i7-6700k
I'll DM the video to you.


Crap - sorry I missed this.  I can't see a DM feature for Itch.io, can you send it to domarius@gmail.com?  I was just reading up on this, and it seems it might behave better in Godot 3.0, but I made this in Godot 2.1 https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/9561 If you have the time, it would be interesting to see if your high refresh rate monitor has trouble with other Godot games, like this one https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/hyperspace-shoujo or this one https://levrault.itch.io/godot-2d-action-adventure-platformer-demo (that last one has some weird controls - left & right to move, space to jump, and F to attack...)

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Hi, I've created a bounty to port jump'n'bump to retroarch. I think it could be good for these reasons :

- a lot of people use retroarch for retro-gaming, so a lot of people could discover this great game this way

- the retroarch core/content/controls/cheats/netplay systems could be integrated with the game, so jump'n'bump could gain new features later without doing anything.


I'm just posting this here for people that can develop and that do like jump'n'bump.

Thanks for your attention :)

That's a good idea, thanks for spreading the news :) I'll leave a comment on it.

Hey man, what happened to that bouncy source page?  Any update on this?  I found this curious page, is this progress?? https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup/commit/d538f17e56780915e8e38a369457ab...

I have no idea. I'm not sure but it doesn't look like a libretro core. I'm going to ask the person that commited 1 month ago https://github.com/hhromic

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I'm loving being able to play this gem again after so many years, man, especially with a lot of people. Any idea when or if we'll get access to new levels? The original Jump 'n Bump always made me want to play new levels with the same design, since it had beautiful graphics (at least imho), but the fact that the whole game consisted of two single screens was kinda underwhelming. So the variety that new levels would bring to this new version would make the game much better than it already is.

And thanks again for bringing this great gaming gem to modern machines, and keep up the good work, my dude! ;)

(1 edit)

Thank you for the kind words! And yes, the original needed more levels! In fact I'm putting a tonne of work into what I'm calling "Super Jump 'n Bump" so to keep me going it's going to be a paid game, $7 Australian - but it has a built in level editor with 100% controller support, so you never have to put the controller down (eg. you can use this on a Steam box, etc.) and a decent number of levels with different graphical tilesets that you can use to get started (I'm currently aiming for about 4 or more tilesets, and 3 levels for each of those - with hopefuly more to come if there's interest - eg. Christmas level, Halloween level, etc.).  And it has rounds like a real game, so rather than play forever until you quit, it has (by default) 25 kills per level, and 5 randomly selected levels, then the game ends and shows you the scoreboard.  But you can change those values in the settings.  Plus there are 4 selectable characters, and 8 selectable colours, so you can differentiate yourselves more easily, improved score screen / ranking, new tile types (death tiles, wind tiles, one-way platforms, etc.) and fingers crossed - but I hope to get in Steam Workshop support so everyone can share their crazy levels...

Would you consider compiling an ARM linux version?  Would be awesome to be able to play it on the retropie :)

That's a great idea! Well I have to focus on the new paid version for now, as I'm running out of money... but it looks like it would be possible;


The developer is great. I told him I wanted to put this in an arcade cabinet and within a couple hours he implemented a fix for 4-player controls mapped to a single keyboard (basically, to allow IPAC-based controls). I can't wait to play it on a CRT.

PS I find the gore humorous, but a no-blood option would be nice for those of us with younger kiddos.

Ok so many of you have asked for this I'm going to have to do it!  Follow one of my social networks or subscribe to my site for an announcement of when I update the game to have the "nogore" option in the setting file - they will burst into confetti!

Nice... reminds me of Samurai Gunn, where you can toggle from blood to bursts of lotus blossoms or something.

Ok the "nogore" option is available! Check out the 1README.TXT for everything you need to know.  You'll have to change your keyboard setting too, because I changed the way it's written.

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Awesome! I love Jump 'n' bump! Used to play it a lot with friends back in the days. Now I can finally enjoy it in full fullscreen again instead of fullscreen with a small viewport since I couldn't get scaleup to work on my graphics card. :-)

Really cool that you support 8 players! I have 8 controllers, do you know if Godot supports more than 4 XInput controllers via DirectInput?

I have over 250 levels for the original jump 'n' bump on my drive, would be really cool if they could be used with the remastered version.

Also the old cheats were quite interesting to spice up the gameplay:
jetpack, bunniesinspace, bloodisthickerthanwater, pogostick, (lordoftheflies... well actually I don't miss the flies.)

Also the -nogore switch was handy for times when you play with kids.

Are there any plans for supporting the custom jump 'n' bump levels and cheats?

Great work in keeping this old gem alive!

Yep this game supports as many controllers as you have - up to 8! So plug them all in, it'll work :) One bunny per controller! I wanted to make that clearer in the video but it was getting too complicated to communicate it, people might think you need 8 controllers for 8 players, and you don't!

You can easily mod this to swap out the levels, check out the "custom" folder!  And can you get in touch with me about those extra levels? (Please use the contact form on my website, www.domariusgames.com) Ironically the original BrainChild site went down permanently last month, just before I collected all the custom levels from it!  Very sad...

If there's enough interest, I have plans to add a level select, selectable animals and colours - and good point about the kid friendly version! I will have to make that an option too...

It all comes down to how many donations I get!


Sure, I’ll send the levels. Going away for the weekend but I’ll get them to you after the weekend if I don’t manage to do it before. I’ve even fixed the spawn points on several of them so they work with 4 players. If I recall correctly Jump n bump had spawn points on every other tile is it the same for remastered?

Tested the game with a fifth Xbox360 controller but it doesn’t work. Looks like the game accessed XInput controllers via the XInput API which has max 4 controllers. More info about this issue can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/morethan4localmultiplayer/discussions/0/135514...

I don’t have any experience with the Godot engine though so I don’t know how easily this can be fixed.

Which is better for you, donate button or purchase on itch.io?

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Thank you! Well my donate button means Itch doesn't get a cut, which is better for me, but it's only 10%, so I'll let you decide!

Hmm ok - I set up controls for more than 4 game pads but I should have tried to test it.  Hmmmmm after reading that thread I don't like my chances! I used Godot so it's up to however they handle input. 

I haven't looked into it thoroughly, but off the top of my head I have a couple options:

  • Get into the workings of Godot (it's open source) but that might cause differences between behaviour on the other platforms, which could be a nightmare...
  • Or save it for a potential re-write in SDL where I have more control... but I have to do a lot of extra work at the joystick level...

It will definitely require more time... I'll keep you updated...

Oh and to answer your question about the spawn points; I automatically generate them.  Anywhere there is a free space with solid ground below it, is a potential spawn point.  But this may not work with levels that have a gap where there is no escape from... I'm open to addressing this though.  Looking forward to those levels!

Donated :-)

Sounds like a good spawn strategy. Guessing some of the levels don’t have 8 spawn points so they’ll need to be tested and maybe categorized depending on how many players they support.

I don’t have access to the levels from where I’m at so I’ll send them some time on Sunday or Monday. 

Thank you for your extra donation! I really appreciate it... if we could share it around more that will help maybe other people want to do the same and fund more development time.

Well as long as there's 8 tiles of space free somewhere, the new game will find a place to spawn rabbits :)  So it should be ok.  If there is a problem with this on a particular level, it would be super rare...

Ok the "nogore" option is available! Check out the 1README.TXT for everything you need to know.