"nogore" option, and build up of gore in level

I've added a "nogore" option, this is configurable in the "settings.conf" file, please read the 1README.TXT for all the information you need!

When "nogore" is enabled, the bunnies explode in bouncing lollies and confetti!

And whether there's gore or lollies, the pieces slowly build up in the level, till it gets quite messy after a while of playing.  This was in the original and I forgot to add it (someone reminded me).


jump-n-bump-remastered-windows.zip 7 MB
Version 7 Aug 29, 2018
jump-n-bump-remastered-linux.zip 12 MB
Version 6 Aug 29, 2018
jump-n-bump-remastered-osx.zip 21 MB
Version 5 Aug 29, 2018

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